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How to beat boobs bounce with sports bras and bubands

Beat boobs bounce with sports bras and bubands

Beat boobs bounce with sports bras and bubands and you’ll comfortably focus on improving your performance without disruptions by breast and flabby chest tissues movements that impede you.

Tennis, like soccer and running is a high impact sport. While you have control and can coordinate your limbs and other body parts amidst the intense body movements, it’s not the same with breast and chest tissues.

Their movements are uncoordinated and very obstructive. Further, fatigue reduces your performance because your lung capacity and breathing rates are impacted by the bust and pectoral muscle movements.

KEY point to note is that, breasts have no muscles and are just tissues with weight. As such, while most other body parts have skeletal support structures, their only support is the skin and Cooper’s ligaments.

Studies indicate that, 0.5lbs is the average weight of a normal A-cup breast. Therefore, any cup increase results to an equivalent 0.5lbs addition to the breast weight.

Subsequently, the size and weight increment have a direct effect on your performance as a tennis player and your general physical activities.

Why you need to beat boobs bounce with sports bras and bubands:

First a disclaimer; It’s unfortunately almost impossible to get supportive sports bras that can perfectly and effectively hold and support excessively big busts. Those many need other interventions besides the sports bras.

In-fact, some active athletes with well-endowed bosoms have admitted to occasionally turning to wearing two sets of sports bras. Some, like Simona Halep, the Romanian professional tennis player have undergone breast reduction which eventually improved her performance.   

Unfortunately also, breast and chest tissues size increase has made many talented and promising junior athletes quit high impact sports like tennis, basketball, soccer and others as a result of their bodies’ development.

For starters, those in tennis have feigned common tennis injuries as a way out of this highly intense physical sport. It is true that, the increase in their breast movements make then overly self-conscious and shy off which dents their confidence. They feel like they attract unnecessary awkward attention and stares.

However, sports bras and bubands have made it possible for female and male athletes with man boobs to play to the highest levels.

Researches by some supportive sports bras’ manufacturers have it that intense breast bounces range from 50-60 per minute in a tennis match. Surely, that must be hell alotta’ bouncing.

Besides the wardrobe malfunction risk, the vigorous breast bounce will definitely cause a lot of discomfort and gradually, pain in your shoulders, neck and back.   

For high impact sports athletes, sports bras are a MUST in their tennis kits, whether professional or recreational tennis players just as they do properly fitting and comfortable sports shoes.

Man boobs and their causes;

Like in females, enlargement of male breast and chest tissues are a common phenomenon. It’s mainly in two forms and caused by different factors. However, they both manifest in breast tissues enlargement. These are:

  • Gynecomastia. It’s as a result hormones imbalance where the male has more of oestrogen (female hormones) than testosterone (male hormones).
  • Pseudogynecomastia: Results from excess fats on the chest area. Commonly referred to as “man boobs”.

Breast displacement motions/movements:

Additional research findings by scholars (like Dr. Scurr, University of Portsmouth, UK) and manufacturers indicate that, a normal high impact physical activity done braless, results to about 5 inches of breast’s displacement.

The displacements are; vertical (up and down), horizontal (sideways) and a “figure eight like movement” (mix of vertical and horizontal displacements)

However, the standard everyday bras and sports bras reduce the breasts bounce by about 52% and 78% respectively.

Types of sports bras;

In your efforts to know and beat boobs bounce with sports bras and bubands effectively, it’s worth knowing that sports bras are defined by their functionality.

The areas needing support, which are either, from beneath or from the sides defines the bras’ functionality. The bras types are;

  • Encapsulation style supportive sports bras; these offers stability by holding each boob in its “pouch/cup”.
  • Compression style supportive sports bras; these are ideal for a moderate sized busts. They hold down the breasts together towards the body’s core.
  • A hybrid of compression and encapsulation; although the encapsulation style is more effective than the compression style, a combination of the two is most effective and ideal.  

Categories of sports bras:

They are categorized based on the support they offer and on the impact of the activity. They are;

  1. High impact sports bras – these are meant to provide maximum support possible. They are ideal for those very intense physical activities. They combine both compression and encapsulation attributes to provides good support. 
  2. Medium impact sports bras – These are ideal for average motions physical activities. They too provide adequate support and comfort.
  3. Low impact sports bras – They may not be ideal for intense activities but rather, well suited with recreational and less sweaty exercises. However, just like the 2 above, they are huge in comfort with light compression.

Benefits of using sports bras and breast bands to stop boobs bounce?

The reasons why you’ll need to beat boobs bounce with sports bras and bubands is to enjoy the following benefits; both short term and long term:

Short term benefits:

  1. They provide comfort when playing: There is no greater discomfort while sporting than your boobs and loose chest tissues swaying in all directions.

The sports bras and breast bands firmly holds your bosom together and restrains movements. They eliminate wardrobe malfunctions risks so you can concentrate on your performance.

2. Good bosom support: Whether you have modest, ample or even a big bust, any bodily motions cause your bosom to bounce. As such, intense bounce will be experienced with high impact sports/exercises.

You’ll definitely need artificial support to beat boobs bounce with sports bras and bubands.

Effective sports bras and breast bands will encapsulate/envelope the breast and curtail movements unlike your everyday bra that only supports your breast from beneath.

3. Allows temperatures control and breath-ability: Sports bras are made from lightweight fabric that wicks away the perspiration without soaking.

They are also mechanically enabled to support sufficient air flow to the upper torso. Subsequently, your body stays cool and un-drenched.

Further, some are made to enable you exercise light by providing slots for your small exercise accompaniments and accessories like music gadgets. Talk of convenience.

4. They give you confidence and self-assurance: When it’s time for stepping out to the court or just exercising, the sight of “risky” and vigorous breast/chest movements and a seemingly “improperly secured bust” will surely attract unnecessary and awkward attention.

This is a sure distraction which interferes with your confidence. Ultimately, that hurts your performance on the court. Sports bras and breast bands/bubands will nearly eliminate all those stares and if there are any anyway, they’ll maybe be out of admiration.

Lately, sportswear apparel manufacturers are producing very trendy and chic stuff. They actually accentuate your curves, which is great for your confidence. You are under no risks of wardrobe malfunctions.

Long term benefits:

5. They eliminate pain on the bust and chest tissues: As explained here above, breast tissues don’t have an elaborate support skeletal structure. They just have the skin and cooper’s ligaments for support.

These ligaments are weakened, stretched and even torn as a result of the intense movements. This damage on the breast tissues reduces their firmness because the breast walls’ integrity is affected.

Subsequently, you’ll experience pains and increased chances of untimely breast sagging. Ultimately, this impedes your general performance and possibly even your general functioning.

6. Some have cardiac health monitoring capabilities. They have built in sensors that monitor heart rates and detection of abnormalities like lumps and cancer like signs within the breast and chest tissues.

Neoprene bra for example has an inbuilt chip and a GPS system for gathering data on athletes’ general physical state.

Data collected include the athlete’s heart rate, body temperature changes, movements, direction and speed among others.

7. They can be your popular everyday bra:  Generally,they are designed with comfort being the main focus. Regardless of the level of physical engagement, you are able to safely slip them on comfortably and go about your day off the exercise tracks.

How does a buband work?

This is just a breast band whose function is to reinforce the support of a sports bra. It holds down the bust to prevent breast bouncing.

It’s worn/wrapped on top of the bra crossing the bust at the cleavage area. Subsequently, motion is restricted firmly while leaving you comfortable.

What is the correct fit for sports bras and breast bands?

Yes you want to beat boobs bounce with sports bras and bubands for all the benefits therefrom, but if you wear an ill-fitting bra, it’s not only uncomfortable and of little help if any, but also exposes you to long-term health risks.

All you need is to know your bust size and you are assured of getting yourself the right fitting sports bra for maximum support and that which will enable you to breathe comfortably and deeply. What do you lookout for when fitting?

  • The band must fit firmly but snuggly; only a little tighter than your normal bra. It shouldn’t be too tight nor too loose.
  • Breast cups shouldn’t be too big nor too small. They should fit just right with each boob resting comfortably in its respective cup. Neither should there be unfilled extra space nor should your boobs bulge or spill over.
  • Straps are meant to be sufficiently tight for maximum support assurance as required. However, they shouldn’t dig into your skin.
  • The hook; Unlike for juniors who’ll need to loosen the hook as their bust grows, for adults it should be at the widest setting not unless the bra is losing its elasticity.     

Caution: While it should be fitting, no part of the bra should be chafing else it will cause you sore injuries from the rubbing.

Sports bras’ fitness varies depending on the comfort and the support they offer.   Likewise, the support needed is influenced by the impact of the activity. It’s therefore possible to have various categories of sports bras for various activities.

How to buy the right fight sports bra:

Depending on your bust size and the activity impact, to stock your sports kit/wardrobe, you can use either;

  1. Sports bra fitting matrix.
 Cup Size (A)Cup Size (B)Cup Size (C)Cup Size (D)Cup Size (E+)


LSBLight Support Bra    MSBMedium Support Bra      HSBHigh Support Bra  

  • Use the Bounce-O-Meter;

This is a tool that helps you determine the appropriate sports bras that you may need when buying a Shock Absorber bra. However, you need to know beforehand your ideal cup-size and the specific physical activity impact.

With that data, it recommends the most appropriate category of bra. Opinion is however divided on its accuracy and effectiveness. Ultimately though, the decision is yours.

How do your care for your sports bras?

Just as you take care of your rackets and tennis shoes, you definitely will have to equally care for the garment. Failure to, it will not serve you well and long enough as it ought.

The functionality of the apparels is the effectiveness of their elasticity. Therefore;

  • Use the special laundry detergents or sport washes to wash. They could be pricey but not as much as replacing the even pricier sports bras and bubands.
  • Avoid use of fabric softeners. They weaken and destroy the fabrics for moisture wicking which is a critical quality you need while on the court.
  • Do not machine wash. However, if you must, use a mesh lingerie bag and only on cool setting.
  • Don not tumble dry. Just hang dry.

How often do you replace your sports bras?

  • As soon as the bra loses its elasticity. This reduces its compression and support ability.
  • When it loses its moisture wicking ability,
  • If the fabric frays,
  • When it starts rubbing and chafing,
  • In case your body size changes, subsequently, the apparel size changes too,
  • Obviously when it has done its time. Its time you appreciated its service with a replacement.

While it may still look in good shape, generally after about 70-80 washes, it’s not too bad a time to retire it.

Any sports bras myths?

There definitely are a ton of unfounded myths devoid of truth. Some of the common untruths that are peddled around are:  

  1. That sports bras exposes you to ailments like breast cancer: Till recently, the argument was that the compression effect of the bra restricts proper lymph flows in the breast. As a result, cancer causing toxin deposits are left in the breast.

Nothing could be further from the truth.  

In fact, with technology, some sports bras have inbuilt sensors which help in early detection of lumps and cancer signs in the breast.

  • That frequent washing reduces elasticity: While washing will eventually have an effect on the fabric’s elasticity just like on any other garment, dirt has more effect and would do it faster than the washing itself.

Remember it has moisture and sweat and all body oils wicking ability? That dirt will break down the fabric sooner and subsequently, reduced elasticity.

  • That sports bras will make your boobs sag: Another misplaced argument that the support and compression by sports bras “weakens” the breast muscles. This misplaced argument further holds that the breast should be left unsupported to strengthen their breast wall.

The correct position is that, breasts DON’T have muscles for support. They are supported by the skin tissues and the cooper’s ligaments only.

Therefore, because of the boobs’ movements, they are exposed to stretches and even tears depending on the motions intensity.

Subsequently, if you use the right fitting sports bras and breast bands to prevent breast bounce, you are eliminating chances of the stretches that result in eventual sagging.


Now that you are adequately informed on how you should beat boobs bounce with sports bras and bubands, it’s time to step out in confidence and sweat it out big time. Take your performance to the next level.

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