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Why Cardio Tennis? 5 good reasons

cardio tennis

You may be asking, what is cardio tennis? Well, let’s first understand what cardio is. Basically, anything that accelerates the rate of your heart causing you to breathe heavily is cardio (Dr. M. Bracko – Exercise physiologist).  Not like playing a music instrument seated.

Therefore, deriving from the meaning, cardio tennis is a high energy fitness, socially based tennis workout program. It’s ultimate cross-over fitness goal is purely exercising and burning calories.

It’s built-up on Dr. Kenneth H. Cooper‘s work; cardio’s godfather, which was initially a physical exercise regime that sought prevention against coronary artery affecting sicknesses.    

Who can play cardio tennis?

You don’t have to be a pro tennis player to enjoy the health benefits of engaging in these tennis aerobics. Regardless of your fitness or tennis playing prowess levels, fitness class open to people of all ages. It’s essentially a fun and sociable workout program.

Pros and beginners alike play together, with emphasis being movement rather than ball control or technique. Well, you might learn and/or improve your backhands, drop shots and generally, your strokes while at it.

But is tennis good cardio?  Absolutely YES. Just as good, fun and as fulfilling as tending to pets.

It employs a combination of cardiovascular exercises with the best cardio tennis drills, making it a high intensity and energy fitness program good for your heart and general wholesome body calories burning and muscles building.

This should positively answer your silent question; is tennis good cardio?

The tennis cardio workout is done on a tennis court. The most ideal group size is between 6 and 8 persons per court. A professional tennis instructor directs on the appropriate challenges and take you through the paces with the latest exercises and cardio tennis drills.

The players’ fitness levels and abilities mostly guide the instructors’ challenges.

All you need for good runs, squats and sprints and all the full time fast motions while on the court are comfortably fitting gym kit and trainers.

Additionally, you’ll most definitely need a full water bottle to hydrate and a nice towel as you’ll be drenched in sweat pretty well.

How many types of tennis cardio?

Basically, the recognized two main types of cardio tennis are:

  • Cardio Play: This involves at least 5 players besides the coach. It’s mostly ideal for the intermediate/medium level tennis experience players and above.

Subsequently, it majors on advanced high intensity tennis drills.

  • Activ8 cardio: Unlike the cardio play, this is the common tennis cardio class which purely focuses on fitness exercises and socially opens to all regardless of fitness levels.

It’s effective with a maximum of 8 besides the coach. The drill is to break sweat as a result of as many ball hits as possible.

Why aerobic tennis drills?

Some of the “whys” are;

  1. To cut calories for general fitness. It’s one of the most effective exercise programs in that, hourly average rate of burning calories is 700-1000 and 400-500 in men and women respectively.
  2. It is a good way to build and tone muscles giving you that confident gait and look.
  3. You need not be a professional tennis player. Tennis aerobics is fun and open to people of all ages, fitness levels as well as all tennis playing ability levels.
  4. There is a good and fun exercising environment, creating a motivating team camaraderie. It’ll will definitely give you inspiration to do as much as your teammates. In any case, being fit and healthier is the team’s common goal.
  5.  It will help decrease chances of heart and other cardiovascular diseases and subsequently, pre-mature mortality risk because you are able to effectively attain the recommended heart rate zones.
  6. While achieving your weight management goals and burning calories, you are training and perfecting your tennis skills. For kids and beginners, a career in tennis may just be borne.

What is needed for tennis aerobics class?

What you need includes:

  1. Racket and balls, especially the recommended slow transition balls which are known most effective.
  2. Heart rate monitors. These are critical because of a sustained heart rate elevation the whole time. The definite hourly expectation is of around 1000 tennis ball hits. 
  3. Pedometers to monitors the steps made in the exercises.
  4. Props in the form of agility ladders and
  5. Low compression balls for workout enhancement and playing field equalization for all.
  6. High energy beat box or sound track to keep the tempo and momentum of the exercises high.

Stages of cardio tennis workout:

Like with any pro sport or any other physically engaging exercise, tennis aerobics too is fast paced and have a phased guiding program.

  1. The warm-up; a bit of stretching to warm up your muscles preceding the high intensity drills. It helps you refine and call to focus your fine motor skills. Subsequently, your accuracy and effectiveness is enhanced as you progress to the real cardio tennis aerobics.
  2. Actual cardio drills and games; it the high intensity physical involvement that build the body’s fitness.
  3. Finally, the warm-down. Time to let your body recover from the high muscles exhaustion with slow stretches. This reduces risks of common tennis injuries.

Levels of tennis prowess;

Cardio tennis is open to both skilled tennis players and beginners. As such, chances are that, the beginners may eventually develop an interest in actual tennis playing.

Having said that, skills progression and experience are graded in 3 levels explained below;

  • Low experience level: This is cardio tennis level where all you are after is a keeping fit by “playing” tennis.
  • Medium experience level: At this level, you tennis skills are beyond the aerobic tennis level but not professional yet.
  • High experience level: This is the level where you are now perfecting your tennis skills with intense training.

Over the years, in many countries round the globe, cardio tennis has become one reliable and effective means for getting that good exercise even for people in other sports unrelated to tennis.

Likewise, many clubs and associations are now open even to non-members to serve this need for people to stay healthy. Therefore, all you need to do is check around your neighborhood.

You can also go online and search for cardio tennis near me! and you’ll be pleasantly surprised.

If there are no such clubs near you, you and your friends and neighbors can still have sessions through following cardio tennis videos online as long as you can access a good and safe sports courts or fitness room.

It’s time to drench your face with sweat and pump up that heart beat with fun friends and loud enough sound blasts before stepping on the scale.

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